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Bloody phone


So good news I downloaded the playlists from yesterday

Bad news my phone kept pausing

Good news I managed the 2 x8 mins

Bad news my phone kept pausing so I actually ran and walked for about 40 mins

Good news see above

Good news that 20 mon run next doesn’t sound so bad now!

Bad news - running on wet grass should have bought the waterproofer for my new trainers and where do I buy those things you strap on your arm so the bloody phone doesn’t pause in your pocket’

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🤣🤣 this sounds just like me a few days ago! Well done despite the obstacles!


I got an arm thing from Matalan - in their sale - £4! Says it’s for iPods but my iPhone fits (in as much as it sticks out enough to fit the headphone jack in). Bit sweaty though. You’ll smash the 20 min - well done!

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