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Moving forward FINALLY


So i have over a month smoke free. I have been running for about as long. I had to slow it down but I finally finished the very first run.....two more times and I can move on. I was being impatient with my damaged lungs..... We will see how long until I get to week 2. Ha ha. I love running. Enjoying the podcast....every time. Cant wait to get to week 2.

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Well done Tabatha! Do the next runs slowly too! See, it works. You’re building up your stamina, so try not to think of speed. If you must, it’s more how slow can I go that seems to work well for me. It’s not often you get to go out on a mission to be last. But it certainly gets you to the finish line! Good luck to you! ❤️

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Right on. Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot.....


Brilliant! Just keep it going slow 'n' steady 😊 You're doing great! 🙌👊

Well done - that's two brilliant achievements. Hopefully you will start to feel the full benefits soon. Keep it up.

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