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Got home from work earlier than expected so I thought I’d go out for a burn.

I normally run in the mornings as I feel more refreshed and I have more energy but tonight the sun was out and the heat had lost its sting so I though why not?.

Started off well, felt good nice pace. 2 Miles in I ran through a massive cloud of ganja smoke some reprobate and his mates were blasting into the atmosphere 🤢. This is Peckham park we’re talking about here at 6pm, not my usual 6am when they’re all tucked up snoring in their pits.

A third of a lap after that little incident I hit another thick cloud of smoke. Jesus! It’s either another lot of bong bangers or I’m being visited by the spirit of Bob Marley.

For the first time ever in this challenge I had to stop and walk for 2 mins. My legs heavy and I’m overheating.

A bit annoyed with myself now so start running again and checked my timer. I still have 5 mins left!. Plod on you muppet🙄. 2 mins left and the electronic voice tells me “3 Miles in 28 mins”!!. That must have been a hallucination!. Oh well plod on for the last 2 mins.

Looking back at my stats I see I was in the words of Captain Mainwaring a “stupid boy”. Running way to fast at the start and that would be the reason I felt so done in , so I’m not to upset by stalling on this one I guess.

Off for a shower and I fancy slumping on the sofa, watching some old open university programs and eating breakfast cereal straight from the box for some reason 🤔.

Increase the peace man

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😂 that was an experience then! Well done 👍


Running through smoke is so annoying! You have to close off all airways fast, just like shutting your mouth fast when you realise you’ve run into a swarm of flies, waiting to inspect your tonsils! Looks like morning runs are going to be much more enjoyable!

I hear that Ganga makes you slow down and eat! Enjoy the cereal! Next one will be great!! ❤️

It’s so hard to run after a blunt! They just wanted you to feel included! Lol

Well done for getting through it... literally!

Peace out!

😆 I can so relate to this. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve run past someone smoking weed by the lake I usually run round. Some of the sections are narrow so there’s no escaping it.

I must admit during some of my more unpleasant runs I have wondered if it would be any less painful running with a lung full of it 🤔🚬🏃🏻‍♂️

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