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Lurker says hi


Hi. I'm Alison. Joined the C25K forum on 1st May 2017 a few days later I was diagnosed with Arthritis in both knees and told I would never run. Being extremely stubborn I set out to prove I could run. Many months of Physio, and on the last day of March this year I did W1R1 of C25K. Pain free.

Currently doing Ju Ju's 10K plan. Pain free. Due to start week 3 tomorrow. Absolutely loving running.

Thought it was about time to stop lurking and introduce myself. So, Hi!

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Hi! And well done on getting out there and proving them wrong! 😊❤️


Hi and welcome! That’s a great story, always nice when you prove the doubters wrong 👍

Hi! No need to lurk with your success story. Good luck with ju-ju’s plan - it’s fab and works! 😬🙌🏼

Well that told them! Well done you, and fabulous that you’re continuing on your journey! 😀


Thanks. This time last year when I could barely walk I would have never dreamt I would be running. Still doing knee exercises the Hospital Physiotherapist recommended and I am sure my knees are stronger since I started running. I would like to add that my GP gave me the go ahead to run.

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