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W7 cronk contacts own knees


Hello knees. I haven’t thought about you much until now, but then you haven’t complained very much about the unaccustomed stress I’ve been putting onto you. However, after Friday evening’s fifth (or seventh, or whatever) repeat of W7 because I don’t want to move to W8 yet, this isn’t a race, you decided to spend Saturday being cronky. Medical term. So today can be a second rest day for you. And stop being cronky. Thank you. Your owner X

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My left knee is still hissing at me a bit after yesterday. I think it feel unloved. Writing a little note to your knees from time to time is very definitely a "good thing" :-)

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Dear S thank you. Don’t let them talk to each other because then they might gang up on you . Divide and rule. Mine are unfortunately already united in their cronkydom, or were yday, so I’m going to see if being nice to them will help. I’ve never written to my knees before, and that’s doubtless my fault. On the their hand I’ve bought cordless earphones as a reward, and want to get back out there! But mustn’t!!!


I'm also carefully managing knees that used to sound like rice-krispies walking down the stairs in the morning. Even though they've been complaining a bit since W6R3, and at the start or every run since, they tend to shut up after a km or two. Crucially they're starting to feel better, rather than worse. Stretching and a physio rollers are my friends now - especially the roller which is a love-hate relationship!

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