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Got a bad foot🐾


Seems running has triggered a foot problem :Plantar fascitis. I've had it before...caused by constantly wearing ballet flats, despite all the stuff I'd heard about them being bad for feet I wore them constantly. Last time it took a year to get better. I've had most of this week off running..I'm really hoping this doesn't scupper me now..I am soannoyed..I was almost getting towards the end of the programme🐢🐢

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I have it too. Luckily I have a sports physio in the family who sorts out my legs and feet every few months. I also do a lot of stretches and I roll a golf ball under my foot too. It is agony at times and as I also have bunions my feet are a mess! I have to really look after them. Good runners have really helped.

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Oh we are feet twins then..Ive got bunions..also very wide feet ..I'm actually a hobbit with bad feet..👣.The saddest thing is I love shoes..!!

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Also have very wide feet! I struggle so much to find shoes especially if I need smart ones! Or pretty ones.

I also have PF, had it @9 months now, very painful first step of day and gets easier as day goes on however remains sore. I've found my foot to be ok with the running and for most off the day after. I don't have expensive running shoes but I do have good quality supportive gel insoles from sports shop. I have to say though, after 28 mins of running my feet feel like there burning!


Hi Sofabunny - I had This complaint and I went to a Physio and they did shockwave treatment in my heels and it worked - it was brilliant- took 8 treatments that took about 5 mins. Really would recommend it ! Best of luck


Seeing a physio would be great!

Forget all flat shoes..... including flip flops!

Roll a ball or an iced bottle of water under your feet regularly.

Eccentric heel drops are really good! Do a set of 5, 3 times (15 in total), three times a day.

Running shoes with a heel to toe drop of 12mm are recommended for PF sufferers.

Hope you can get it sorted soon.

Me too - PF - bought a pair of heel gel insoles today to try with ‘normal shoes’. I have no trouble with the PF at all during running or walking, and my trainers and Birkenstocks are the most comfortable footwear when not running. I feel the pain as soon as I stand up from sitting, or getting up in the morning, and especially when barefoot, but I can’t let this stop me doing the C25k training!! Any advice welcome as long as you don’t tell me to stop running 😀😀😀

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