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So close


Just completed w9 r2 and was wondering how far I was actually running in 30mins - usually put my Strava on when I start walking and finish so tonight worked out a way to press start just as Laura said run and pressed stop as she said finish! According to Strava I run 4.8k so close to that 5k Mark!! Thinking if I run my same route on Friday I might carry on for a few minutes more to get that 5k on my graduation run!

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That’s fantastic!! And also a great tip - I ran week 9 run 2 tonite myself, hard doing in this heat - so hats off to you for such a great run. Not sure what my speed is at the moment just concentrating on finishing - then build my speed up. My last run in a couple of days will be in Spain, think I will be getting up early for that one lol, determined to finish. Good luck with your last run :-)

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I waited til gone 8 so it had cooled down a bit! Wow running in Spain will be different - when I’ve finished def want to try new routes doing the same route in this program has been great as you can judge how your doing by using land marks etc

Well done on your run - I keep having to pinch myself that I’ve got this far!

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I went out at 5pm straight after work, (silly me lol) at least it will help me acclimatise in Spain. I’ve gone from running around my local cemetery (often changing direction and a different path when I spot someone approaching) to running to and around my local park slowly passing people as I go my merry way. If someone had said to me in nine weeks I would be running thirty minutes without a break I would have said not a chance! But here I am proof that it works, still can’t believe it and have taken it run by run and steady, determined now to keep it up and also get my pace up slowly but surely :-)

Faster than most of us then! Let us know if you make it.

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