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So tonight I went out for a run in 30 degrees with a bad knee a huge blister on my heel and a massive horsefly bite 🙁 my partner didn’t want me to go - but go I did! OMG it was hot so I did the warm up walk then ran for 10mins walked for 5 ran for 10 then walked for 5 I was so disappointed but consoled myself with the fact that a lot of other runners on my route were walking too - but my question to the graduates and mentors is with this heatwave set to continue how long will it be til I lose my ability which was rocky anyway! I was super well hydrated but I just couldn’t keep it up in the heat - I covered the same distance and fast walked the walks but I was sweating like mad - I know we need to adapt but I am worried and can’t help feeling like it’s a step backwards - any advice? Is what I did OK for now? I really want to keep up the 30mins 3x per week however I can!

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Stop.. right there...! Did you read my last post...!

You will not lose anything.. except perhaps, being able to run because you are on the IC!

Let the blister and the bite heal.... I ended up on a 7 day course of antibiotics after the horsefly bite!

Forget time or distance... shower, sit down and recover... and do not go out again until it and you feel better... Antihistamine for the bite.... and kind to yourself... I have at least another three weeks on the IC and then some.... we will survive!


It's painful to sit it out, especially if it seems quite minor injuries but definitely for the best - as OF says. (That's what I'm having to do today too).

Hope you're recovered from your various ailments soon 🤗


Lorks! You ran in 30 degrees with a blister?! Noooooooooooo! Don’t do that to yourself! Please! 😱

Let that blister heal. Then, if it’s still this hot, try and run early in the morning, before 7am - that’s what I am doing. It is the coolest time of day you will get right now. I would not dream of running in 30 degrees. You got to look after your body now you are a runner.


Listen to OldFloss and the others.

I remember very very clearly feeling that if I missed a run then the magic would end and I’d be back on the couch as a non-runner.

The magic isn’t the succession of runs.

The magic is the desire to do the succession of runs. Absence makes the desire (and the magic) stronger.

Recover. Come back stronger.

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