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Now THATS what it’s all about!


So I had my new hat & new shorts so thought I’d try a new route and a new sort of run. No headphones, no podcasts, no music. I was going to run through the woods and just enjoy it with no particular goal in mind. Running through the woods with my ears ‘open’, I heard the birds, omg the birdsong! I heard squirrels jumping out of trees, 2 of them ran in front of me. Some sort of hawk flew towards me then veered off. Rustling in the undergrowth 😳😂. None of this would I have normally heard. I ran through the woods towards the river and my watch dinged for 2k so headed back. When it dinged for 4K I didn’t really want to stop (I’ve NEVER not wanted to stop before!!😳). But heeding all the advice about not pushing it too quick too soon, I did stop.

I got home and wanted to do it again!! 😂

This is why I wanted to run

This, to me, is what running is all about

This was my best run ever!

This is a happy Sandie 😀

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Hey babe!! Top job!! Lovely run, lovely view, lovely wildlife.

Them nature sounds are pretty good, eh? What a good invention nature was.

And you're another of us coves wot is smitten with this daft runnin thingy :-) xxx

in reply to sallenson

Thank you. I don’t know if it was the new route, the lack of tech or the cooler weather but all the planets seemed to align for me today and I just simply enjoyed the run 😁


How lovely SandieF ...sounds like the perfect route....running ‘naked’ depending where you’re running is the best...the woods sound just lovely 😊

in reply to Mummycav

Thank you x. They absolutely were. I was worried about getting bored with no tunes or podcasts running but it was so much better 👍


Woo hoo!

I’ve had a word with Russell and he promises to stay out of the undergrowth now you are running “naked”.

I’m clearly going to have to up my pace - you are hot on my heels over 4k!

And you run in the same place my ex’s BFF lives. Small world.

in reply to Jay66UK

Haha you threw me a bit there, I wondered how you knew where I ran, then realised it’s on the photo 😂. I wonder if I know her, Ferriby is not a huge place. I was very happy with my time too considering I was making sure to stay slow and not listening to anyone telling me how far I’d gone etc. Just ‘a natural’ run. Loved it 👍


Ahh...such a lovely post Sandie (although disappointed with lack of photos of new gear 😉) I think I might try a 'naked' run. I think I have used music as a distraction and motivator to keep going but not sure I actually need it now as I don't need to be motivated to keep running! You've obviously found your happy pace/place x

in reply to Saartjie

You should try it, pick somewhere nice & new, that was enough of a distraction for me. 😁x


Fabulous post Sandie, I can feel the positivity from here, love it, that’s what this running malarkey should be all about. Enjoy 😊

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Thank you. I felt that for the first time really. And for the first time ever I didn’t really want to stop. What’s all that about then 🤷‍♀️😂x

in reply to SandieF

Weird innit? I bet you never thought you’d feel like this about running before you started, I know I didn’t 😁

in reply to JennyH10

Absolutely not! Haha. It’s wonderfully wierd yes 😂


Aah brilliant post SandieF! That sounds like an amazing run! ❤️


Superb. Lovely to read , maybe I’ll try the au natural run and see how it goes.

By that I mean no headphones not no kit! 😳

in reply to Forestgrump

😂😂. Although 🤔



A lovely place to run on a hot day! Glad it went well! ☺☺

Brilliant! The freedom! The sense of well being! The inner peace! That's what it's all about!

in reply to Liliuk

Couldn’t have put it better! 👍x

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