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Week 5, Run 3. Smashed it!

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Hey folks, just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Andy, 37 years old and I’m a Brit living in the Netherlands.

I’m the least sporty person I know... never played any sports, never exercised. Even at school I would do the bare minimum to get through PE lessons yet here I am running for 20 minutes! I’m enjoying the running so much I’ve booked myself on the TCS Amsterdam 8k in October to make sure I stick with it!

I just got in from my third run of week five... Wow. That was a tough one! Not the breathing... that seemed to settle down after five minutes into the run... this time it was leg pain. My calves started to hurt at about the 8 minute mark and continued until the end of the run. At one point I was considering stopping but I pushed through and finished the run.

Does anyone else suffer with this? Is there anything I can do to before the run to prevent it?

Thanks and nice to meet you all!

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Dynamic calf stretching like stepping back to a calf stretch holding for a second then swapping legs. Or hanging your heels off the edge of the curb and doing calf raises and drops.

Lots of static stretching after the run and on warm muscles on rest days help longer term.

I also get calf cramp and along with proper hydration these help me.

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Hi Warb! Congratulations on how far you have come. I had zero running experience or desire to run before I started the programme. A big ‘no’ at PE in school for me too! 😫 But that’s why it’s so exciting that it’s turned into something that I love so much!

Now I’m still no expert, but it sounds as though you might need to do some stretches before and after your runs. Drink plenty of water even on your rest days and slow it down a bit. You’re still building up your stamina and you’re muscles steadily. You want to try to avoid IC (Injury Couch) as it’s frustrating to have to wait due to soreness or worst. Keep up the great work! Enjoy ❤️

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Can’t help with the pain but well done for the run.

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hello and welcome! advice ... appropriate stretches, take it slow, get proper running shoes, hydrate - and read the FAQ healthunlocked.com/couchto5... :D also don't run through proper pain ... let yourself heal and get it checked out if it's necessary. The running will still be there.

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