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Back again and completed


Been doing the 9 week program again and last week did the final run 3 of Week 9.

Today I ran using some different music but know 8 laps of the field takes me about 32 minutes. Seeing as I do this in the cool of 4am heat not an issue. But I was surprised when I check my laps this morning I was about 5-10 seconds a lap quicker.

Going to see if the different styles of music make me go slower or faster. Today was 160bpm running music from YouTube.

Going to be doing the 8 laps 3 times a week this month to build the stamina up before engaging in the other 3 improvement podcast that deal with speed, stamina etc

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Have you read the guide to post C25K running?


Congratulations and well done... after the graduation party... consolidation is the name of the game:)

Congratulations 😃


Well done!

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