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W5r3 but it feels like cheating


So I did w5r3 and do feel proud of myself. I really almost didn't start this c25k because running for 1 minute 8 times seemed way to much for me to cope with. So I am amazed that I ran for 20 minutes. However I am going very slowly still. I think I walk faster than I run and so it feels like cheating.

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It's not cheating at all - running used a completely new set of muscles and works your body very differently from walking, so even if you might be going a bit slower you're actually working harder! And remember, every step forwards is progress no matter what speed.

Gooner4everGraduate in reply to marsop

Thank you, that helps


Haha! You’re not cheating. It’s not about the speed! You ran for 20 minutes! Say it again....20 minutes. Isn’t that a great feeling? Be proud. You’ll get faster as you go on running, but for now, bask in that glory!

Huge well done. Keep on running!😊

Gooner4everGraduate in reply to Katiepops

Thanks, I'll try a bit of basking!


Congratulations on running run 3 of week 5, that is a milestone run with C25K, onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs, you are not cheating, you deserve to be very proud of yourself 😊 🏃.

Gooner4everGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thank you, I did have sneaky look at w6r1 and was surprised it went back to intervals.

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to Gooner4ever

Just briefly, by the end of w6 it’s back to continuous running.


No it’s not cheating! I’m still a slow runner and love it! I run following the Japanese slow jogging technique (there’s a short film on youtube) so you could finesse your natural slow pace with this excellent low impact style of running. It’s enabled me to run for longer durations, and I enjoy the actual running at this pace. You can always work on pace when you have many more miles under your belt, but it’s safer to stay slow for now. And you ran for twenty blooming minutes!!

Gooner4everGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

Thank you, I'll have a look at the Japanese slow jogging then I can call it a name and feel ok about it!

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to Gooner4ever


Gooner4everGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

I had a look, I love it, that's me.


It’s not cheating- you’ll find there are masses of us here who run slowly and probably slower than we walk- I know I do! Go slow and be proud of it!


No you're not cheating you are running . Slow is good or will get you to the end of each run 😊😚


I could have written your post having also completed my 20mins this morning. Well done you.

However slow our pace, how amazing does it feel when you think back to week 1?

Feel proud of how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go with this plan.

Here’s to week 6! Xx


The difference between running and walking is gait, not speed. If one foot leaves the ground before the other lands then you're running: you would be disqualified from a walking race for that, because no matter how slow your pace that is running not walking.

The objective here is to learn to run continuously for 30 minutes. That's all. You may want to work on speed later, or you may not. Once you can run for thirty minutes without stopping all sorts of other options become available. But you have to learn to run at all first, before you think about learning to run fast.

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