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3 Day Break


Hi W2R1 this morning, did find it a step up (who new another 30 seconds could seem so long!) and had pain/pull in groin and 20 mile plus winds neither of which helped but hung in there. My question is is it ok to leave 3 days between now and R2.? I am out hillwalking the next three days so the first day I can realistically do R2 will be on Monday

I don't want to run before the walks as I dont want to knacker myself Satudays is 8 miles and Sunday's 4.5 - not huge but dont want to start out already tired and I know I wont want to go after the walks.

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Do your run Saturday before your walk what a great warm up :)

No I know that won't happen. Will it really mess me up if I don't run again until Monday?


I’m not going to be able to give the best advice here Ann, so I hope I dont get into trouble, but it sounds as though you’ll be doing some endurance exercise over the weekend with the walks, so maybe it could stand you in good stead for a run on Monday! You will make it so, if that’s what you decide. Good luck and carry on!! ❤️

Thanks, I’m going wait until Monday for my next run. Walking is my first love and if it means Mondays run is harder or I even end up repeating the week so be it. I think I’ve got to work with my personality not against it

Thanks for your help

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