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Feeling Pleased 😀

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Hello everyone I feel I’ve climbed a mountain and I have only done the first day of week 1, I don’t have great faith in myself but my mind set has changed just by reading all the inspiring posts so thanks because I got up at 5am and done it! It probably sounds so lame but to me I’m feeling great about the whole experience! Have a lovely day everyone 😀

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Well done to you! You have started. Me too, I did the first run today (after a year away from running)! It was pretty hard, my calves were achy but I took my time and did it. I will take a couple of days off and do run 2, all the best 😀

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Jenniferfit in reply to JoolieB1

Hi good morning I’ve come out to Paris for a few days the question was I’ve already done my 1st run if 2nd week found it a little difficult but did it so now having these 3 days in Paris I wondered if I should leave the running until I got back to UK but I surprised I felt I was going to be a naughty school girl if I didn’t bring my stuff! Did 2nd run in local park it was hard as it wasn’t flat it had small ups and downs on path and I really didn’t think I would manage but I did gosh I’ve so surprised myself and again feeling pleased 😀

I’m on W1 as well and have done 2 runs. Easy bit was deciding to do it and hard bit was actually doing it. You’re on your way now and there’s so much support on here that you’ll never be on your own. You can do it! I constantly doubt myself but I will keep doing it and so will you.

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Not lame at all. I didn’t think I’d get started let alone complete and bought myself the cheapest shoes I thought I could actually run in so that the money wouldn’t be wasted when I dumped them in the bin.

You can do this. Good luck with the next run!

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You should feel great about the whole experience, it does not sound lame at all. You have done something so positive in starting this journey and will continue to get more and more of these fantastic feelings as you proceed through the program.

Well done for getting started, for that is the biggest hurdle you will face here

Enjoy the journey and enjoy the highs that you will feel as you complete each run and be proud of all that you achieve. You can do this.

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Well done ...Enjoy your journey and runs ...It's the best thing anyone can do is start the c25k ..😊

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Jenniferfit in reply to Myrar

We will be on the same running schedule I can’t say I’m enjoying it yet my breathing seems to be the thing I have to concentrate in, just remembering to breath as usual but deeper. I’m going to keep doing it though we both can do this 👍

Well done to you, me too today W1R1. Did I enjoy it? Not sure but I’ll definitely persevere

Congratulations I think we might have done the first hardest part - getting started

Good luck for W1R2

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to anncjones1

It takes a lot of us newbies a while to grow into enjoying the running. I began by liking the achievement and the post run high (and the sheer astonishment that I could do it). The enjoyment of the running took a while to develop. The first step was a change from “urgh this is a slog” to “this is okay ish”. Eventually one day I went out and as I started to run, I thought YES! 😃

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Welcome Jennifer! That’s not lame at all, that’s absolutely great! 😃

I well remember the euphoria ( & astonishment) of completing the first run W1. 😀

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This simple little training plan is a life changer.........good decision.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

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