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Cor, bloody hell!

So, plod, plod, plod - I’ve now made it to W4R2. Blimey, that’s hard. Anyway, managed 3 mins, then 5, than 1.5 little break 1.5 then 5. Came home, ate, showered, went out to work - and had to come home for a sleep! This is hard work chaps but I’m still sort of enjoying it! Hoping I’ll find W5 less exhausting! I have to keep telling myself that at the end of April I couldn’t run 30 seconds. If I can do it anyone can!!

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Great work, well done, it is tough but you get fitter every week, it's still tough but you run easier than the last run, usually. The progress kept me going. Good luck.

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Very well done! Plod on! 😃

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