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I dunno what they called but bloody hell fire are they aching!!


I'm not going to say that I have conquered my nemesis run.

Two more in this week to run before I can say it for proper.

However, I managed the blasted 5 minute runs tonight :-)!!!

Good gracious me was it hard work. The last run felt like for EVER! It felt like my legs weren't working. It was like I had to manually tell my legs to lift up and then move forward (if you know what I mean?!?)

The fella nearly had to send a search party out for me because I wasn't home in half an hour like normal. That's because I had to increase my area so as not to run past a sports field which normally poses no problems (apart from watching fit young things pelt it round without breaking a sweat), but at the moment it's playing host to a funfair. Noisy, full of strobe lights and absolutely loads of Moody teenagers. Loads. I wasn't up to passing them in my condition tonight.

Thankfully I made it home without an APB being made and I live to run again!!

So, now I'm all washed and fed after my run and I'm sitting here and, well, there's a part of me which is causing me some discomfort. It's that bit where your bum meets the tops of your legs. Dunno what it's called but blooming' eck I know it's there! I hope it's gone for the morning else I'm going to to be walking like, well, I've had a good weekend :-) (remember only a precious few people in my life know I'm doing this program-as well as you gorgeous people)

Don't know when my next run will be this week but rest assure you'll know when I do :-)

Keep on running everyone!

Ali :-)

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Good luck for the rest of the week. I hope the whatchamacallems aren't too sore tomorrow. :D

AuntieAliGraduate in reply to buffster

buffster whatchamacallems are soooo sore today!! I actually want to run so I dont have to sit down on them :-)

will blog after my next run.

cheers buffster

ali :-)


Aah, there's nothing like a bit of walking into work looking like John Wayne after he's got off his horse to make workmates speculate on your weekends activities! 8-)

Look forwards to reading about your progress, keep on running ( or at least getting your brain to tell your legs to move one after the other!) Good luck ;-)

AuntieAliGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

im trying to disquise it as a lower back pain! Im also wondering whether one of those pile cushions will help for when im sitting down..... (that'll really get them talking at work ;-) )

thanks for your support Poppy2010!

ali :-)

Well done you! I get aches just there as well, keep telling your legs to move and you'll succeed.


We'll done Ali! Whatchamacallem aches will eventually disappear ;) - the fact that you have now completed W4 runs is now with you forever :) ... and ready to be repeated and improved upon! I've just had another attempt too: made the first 3 runs ok, but had to walk for about 20 seconds in that last 5 minutes in order to get my breath back. After a quick recovery I did the last couple of minutes of that last run, then warm-walked home in about 7 minutes. I remain determined to do this jinxed week ... maybe on Wednesday I'll crack it? Let's hope the sun keeps shining and that we'll exorcise the W4 gremlins for once and for all. Linda X

That exact same place was bothering me this morning when I woke up. I talked it over with a fellow runner and she gave me the special stretch technique that made it all better!

Sit on the edge of a bench--cross your legs (place your left ankle on your right knee)--then press your left knee gently toward the floor. It gave my hip a ghost stretch at what felt like the ball of my femur.

Try it. I'm going to place this in my post-run stretches.

Goon luck on your running journey.


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