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Move over Book of Revelations...


... and make way for the Podcast of Revelation. It is the 21st century after all...

So, first post grad run today. Decided to do Stepping Stones Podcast from the C25k+ series.

So off we went, out the door with a mixture of curiosity and mild apprehension for what might be to come. I gave it everything I had on wk9 r3, but this is c25k+, the “+” had me worried...

Five minute warm up walk to get us out the estate. No problem there, I can usually manage this part.

Then suddenly we’re ready to run, or at least Laura is ready for me to run. No sign of her...

The key to this podcast seems to be an ability to count. The primary school at the start of my run was having lunch break, so I guess I could have asked the little ones for help, but turns out you only need to get to 4, and Laura helps you with that too.

Ok. so. Count, 1 2 3 4. Move feet in time, shoulders relaxed, down and back. Eyes up. Arms 90 degrees. Fingers unclenched. Don’t swing arms across body. Breathe. Lift heels. Wow, this is getting complicated. What comes after 3 again???

I must have looked like Bambi trying to run on ice while solving a particularly difficult mathematical equation.

I’m in my “normal” running rhythm, going at my “normal” pace, but when Laura gets to 4 I’m on 6 trying not to fall over my feet.

That’s when I have my epiphany.

I’ve been running too fast.

The 150 bpm the podcast starts at is slower than my “normal” pace and it turns out slowing down is quite difficult. I spend the next couple minutes looking like I’m running on the moon.

Then it clicks.

Yeah, so it feels unnatural because it’s slower than I would usually run, but it has got me wondering, how much sooner could I have graduated if I had been running at 150bpm all the time. I’ve been having to take 2 rest days between runs because my legs were too painful to run every day. I’ve been home an hour and I feel ready to run again already.

This forum really would benefit from someone who keeps popping up to remind us to run slow and steady... 🤔

Anyway, back to Laura.

Every 5 minutes she changes the track, and the music isn’t too bad. Every second track they up the bpm a little and your back to “Bambi Does Algebra, On Ice” till you get the rhythm, but overall it’s not bad.

All of a sudden, after 5 mins of 160bpm, it’s time for a cool down walk.

And this is the part that really surprised me. Laura points out at the end that you’ve just run for 30 minutes. I didn’t even realise. It didn’t hurt, I wasn’t praying for it to end. I concentrated on form, ran slower and enjoyed every minute. 🙂

Ok, so I didn’t get as far as wk9r3, I didn’t get anywhere near my strava times, no little trophies today. But, I think that might have been my problem.

Yes I got through C25K, but it was a struggle. Today I loved it. I think I’ve spent too much time comparing each run to the last to make sure I’m showing some sign of improvement, when maybe what I would have been doing all along was slow down...

Oh, and count to 4 🙂🐌

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That sounded fun! I'm going to give it a go!

Ha, Laura helped you find your happy more niggles, just lovely gentle running. Stepping Stones is great for getting over the toxic ten with its steady start...

Glad you enjoyed it and as always YourdoingGreatPet 😊xx


Looking forward to trying it now, wasn't sure if I was gonna, there's so many options out there post-grad and I'm still consolidating so no def decision yet. Think I've found a winner! Where did you find a link to the podcasts?

YoureDoingGreatPet in reply to Hidden

You can get them on iTunes really easy, but if you don’t have an iPhone go to nhs direct and search for couch to 5 k

Hidden in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet

Thanks, will do!

Hidden in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet

Where are they on ITunes? I couldn’t get them & had to play it through the internet which meant using my own data which I think cost me money. Husband on a short fuse won’t like that!

YoureDoingGreatPet in reply to Hidden

Sorry, try this one...

It’s difficult to find on my phone.

Hidden in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet

They weren't with the rest, but found them and downloaded from here...


Love the post. Pressure off and you’re enjoying it. Great to hear!! 😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪🏻🏃‍♀️


How is it that I missed your posts before now? What am I? A moron?

This is brilliant!! Funny and wise at the same time.

I really liked the podcast too. There don't seem to be many of us. Let's form a team!!


I live forever in your literary shadow 😉

sallensonGraduate in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet


How's it going now? Did you crack the W1/W2 demon? Your life sounds bloody complicated to fit running around it!!

Gran4zGraduate in reply to sallenson

Is it that good really? I'm still wallowing around trying to find my happy running place really, maybe I should check it out.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Gran4z

Apart from the first bit which involved some Ministry of Silly Walks up a hill trying to walk either too fast or too slow, I had a good time. A lot of people either can't count in groups of 4 (hmm) or just find it artificially slow.

Since I'm slow in every sense of the word, I really liked it.

But it has a "Marmite" reputation. Especially among the ones with legs like skinned rabbits who go "zooooom". I am not of their ilk!! :-)


Ah I might try that one - sounds good - your post did make me laugh - I did the speed podcast on Friday & I know exactly what you mean - I nearly fell over my own feet & I was on a treadmill.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Hidden

I have't done Stamina yet, but the other two I really liked. Using the word "liked" quite loosely... xx

When does "Bambi Does Algebra, On Ice" open? I want tickets and I want them now!!

Hidden in reply to sallenson

I’m gonna give the stepping stones ones a go next methinks.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Hidden

That might be easier on a treadmill. But you'll need to keep the machine speed pretty low.

Think "quick feet" and "patter, patter". Don't take big strides.

Blimey, I bang on, eh?

Hidden in reply to sallenson

Ha ha! No - it’s really helpful. Honestly zzzzzz.... just kidding. It genuinely is very helpful I still feel quite lost.

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