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Week 6 Run 2


Week 6 is definitely challenging me. Took an extra day rest after a hard first run and have just done run 2. I think I went too fast at the start and ended up with my left calf as tight as a duck's arse and having to steal a 30 second walk a minute before the end. Managed the whole ten minutes of the second run but calf still very tight.

Any suggestions as to how to loosen it up?

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Try a quick stretch before your run . I know most folk say not to do this before a run but if it’s just a gentle one then I think it gets some blood flow going.

I found my legs particularly my calf’s and groin area hurt during a run but doing a wee stretch before helped. Also make sure your hydrated properly both the day before and on the actual day of your run helps muchly 😁.

I tend to drink a litre of water at work throughout the day then run when I get home. My rule of thumb is to drink till the pee runs clear 🤭. That means your properly hydrated and of course the stretches after your run is as important as your warm down walk as this will reduce stiffness the day after. Don’t worry about taking 2 days off. Wk6r3 almost killed me so I took 2 days off to recover and wk7r1 was much easier 👍


I found this a hard run as well, legs felt like lead, I used a foam roller to help ease calf muscles after the run and on the rest day, went out yesterday for r3 and kept it SLOW and managed the 25mins.😁 Good luck.

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