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Week 2 Done (Amazed!) but why do some 90 seconds feel like eternity but others whiz by


Ok, so got through week 2 just about unscathed.. slight pain in one calf. But found in each run that some running times felt ok albeit at my pace (8.5km on treadmill) whilst others felt like I wanted to slow down after a few seconds... there is no constant pattern....i.e. today run 3 the second and fifth were really tough other ok!

Any thoughts? is it just me getting used to running after nothing for many years?

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Yes! I found this at a similar stage, I think it is as much mental as physical, just keep going and if needs be slow down, 8. 5kmh is very respectable so don't worry about cutting that back, it us time not speed and distance that count

JJB001Graduate in reply to Berksrover

Great insights thanks, guess need to work on mental side and relaxing / believing as runs goto 3 min come Saturday :-)

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