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Woo hoo wk6r3 done...

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Wk6r3 done and dusted.... but didn't feel like celebrating when I'd finished... was extremely tough going. Tried to start out slower than usual, 7.5k/h, but found no rhythm, so went back to usual 8k/h, which I find suits my steps. Last minute when Sarah said I could go faster if I wanted, stepped it up to 9k. Felt drained at the end, but got there... only another 3 25's to go till the 28's... can't wait... lol...

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Very well done!

You’ll surprise yourself how you get used to 25 through W7.

W8 is only 90 seconds more each half of the run. And you proved in W2 that you can run for 90 seconds!

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Reggiep65 in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay, I'll take your word for it... lol..

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Well done... some runs can feel a tad harder for any number of reasons...keep it slow and steady and maybe a new route?

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