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What do you listen to?


Hi all, just completed W7R3 - so muggy so I’m really sweaty and off for a shower now!

What do you all listen to when you run? I find it hard listening to music as I find myself subconsciously running to the beat which is either too slow or (more likely!) too fast for me. I therefore usually listen to Radio 4 so I can concentrate on the articles and time seems to fly - sometimes it’s comedy and sometimes rather boring but it gets me through - except today when 2 mins into my run the Archers came on! Can’t believe I ran to the Archers - I must say it was a struggle! 😂 Looking for inspiration for alternative radio stations/podcasts etc!!!

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The Greatest Showman soundtrack for me!! Love it, up beat and positive!


I listen to music. A good old mix up on Spotify. I don’t get my pace disrupted no matter what the beat.

But I’m going to try running to Desert Island Disks podcasts for a bit during consolidation.

Jo Whiley already left me for another runner and I think Kirsty Young, with her honeyed tones, might be more faithful! 🤣🤣

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