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How would a three toed sloth celebrate?🤩

Just done WK 5 going slower than slow..and using some mind games ...I am on a treadmill and knowing I was scared of the 20 minutes I set the timer to 5 minutes... thinking about it as four that each time I glanced down I could think oh I've only got another 2 minutes to go ..rather than oh fek 18 minutes to go..

I can't help worrying about how slownI am going..I did manage to speed up in last 5 minutes..and I know that I shouldn't even be thinking about it..

My aim is to finish the programme on my's in the garage so scenary is not pretty..and then graduate to the park at end of my road. where I will seek out the other sloths..avoiding the speedy runners.

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Well done you... but..get outside,,, if you have a park just nearby.. go :)

You are on to the lovely longer runs now.. go out and enjoy them in the beautiful surroundings of a park :)

No one will even bat an eyelid...just run as slow as you like and enjoy :)


Good morning Oldfloss, just an update on my progress, yesterday I ran week 7 round 2 in my neighbourhood, It was quite warm so I went as you say 'slow and steady', about 150 to 160 cadence steps per minute, however a no doubt graduate female overtook me about 5 minutes into my run, I tried to keep at the same pace as she was running after she passed me but I would think that she was if doing a 5k would do it about 25 minutes, so 20 seconds of that pace was enough. After about 20 minutes of running I slowed down a little to let another runner pass me, a man this time, so once again I tried to go at the pace he was going, surprisingly I managed to keep up at the same pace he was running at for the last 5 minutes which I would say if it was a 5k would be about 35 minutes.


I agree with old floss - being outside is amazing 😉 I’ve just come back from the park & there were a few other runners most of whom were faster than me, but a couple of other slow & steadies. You never know - you might encourage others to give it a go😻


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