Graduates or just about to Graduate - how did or are you going to celebrate?

Just following up from responses on an earlier question about the C25K t-shirt and am interested to know how everyone celebrates running that 30mins (or 5km) on the final podcast. Champagne, Chariots of Fire music, taking out an announcement advert to feature in the local paper etc.?

This will be quite a big personal achievement for me so at the moment I'm not really thinking about it, rather just being able to run non stop for 30mins on a regular basis is almost celebration enough.


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13 Replies

  • I was meant to start W8R1 last night doing 28 mins but instead did 30 mins. I feel both elated and deflated as I didn't expect to be able to do it, and happily breezed along.

    Now I don't know whether to celebrate or not?!

    Either way, I'm happy I can run for 30 mins, but i'm not sure if that makes me a graduate until I do it another two times!

  • In my view, you're not a graduate until you get to W9R3- if you've been running consistently for 30 mins before this then great! I did 31 minutes in W7R3 today but I'm still going to finish the next two weeks. I'll just re-adjust my goals; rather than aiming to run for 30 mins (which is what I aimed for when I started) I'll aim to run 5k in 30 mins (I did 4.4km this morning).

    In answer to the question, I don't know what I'll do to celebrate! I'm doing WW at the moment so it'll have to be non-food related. Maybe I'll just put on some loud music and do a kooky celebration dance when I get home!

  • a small whoop - high 5'd my own shadow a huge grin and then fish n chips and wine for supper after......

  • One of the proudest moments of my life! After breaking an imaginary tape as I ran down the high st and doing a little dance right there and then (hope the neighbours weren't looking!) I immediately put in an order for a C25k t shirt and messaged admin for my badge! When I first saw that beautiful green badge I whooped so loudly my hubby didn't know what was going on!

    Good luck with your graduation SVR28! :-)

  • It is its own reward, it really is.

    Just as well as my graduation wasn't terribly exciting but, I got my badge here, I bought myself an album of music for running (which has widened my musical horizons) and I bought a C25K t shirt (although I hardly ever wear it as I'm not great with synthetic fabrics and it is not the most flattering garment whilst I am still whittling down my midriff)

  • I got 2 runs left till I graduate then I will treat myself to some new kit :D

  • Graduated last Thursday and just texted a few people to tell them. Had a weekend in London with friends seeing the sites etc and thought I would be fine doing lots of walking etc after such exercise over the last 9 weeks.

    So having looked forward to doing 5K+ this week I am in fact laid up with the most atrocious blisters from toes to heels and dare not put the running shoes on! Great celebration not!

  • A long blog, a graduate badge and a running shirt a couple of weeks later

  • how do we go about getting a tshirt and badge then? am on week 9 and did first run monday niglht after a karate class. not a great idea i know, but i managed it, just about. would love to have a tshirt to advertise the couch to 5k and be proud to wear it.

    got pains in my left leg above my ankle though so will do run tomorrow to give it a bit of a rest. when i do graduate i will celebrate with a cold shandy and bag of crisps!

  • You can get your badge by sending a message to NHS_Choices_fitness_editor... Find him using this link.

    and then click SEND ME A MESSAGE

    You can get the offical graduate t-shirt embllazoned with the C25K Graduate logo from myself using this link...

  • I drank a vat of wine. Followed by a gin and tonic. Smashing!

  • I drank loads of lovely wine , and basked in the glory of finally becoming a 'runner' ( big grin all night). Did the same for 15k and for the half marathon I'm going to go out and party and drink margaritas all night... Can't wait

  • I ran a Parkrun as my graduation run where my wife came to cheer me on.

    Then I had a 4 hour sleep on the couch.

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