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W8,R1 Marti Pellow, calf cramps and smiles

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WOW week 8, I’m so proud of myself and the the jelly belly we have high speed shuffled our way here and I’m really pleased.

So I didn’t post after W7,-R3 which I did on Monday night because it was the worse run, pausing and going again all through it, maybe it was the weather, maybe because I did it after 9, who know but I was shocking!, but.... still kept going

Yesterday I moved forward onto week 8, so before I set off to travel to Bristol I thought I’d just get week 8 started, gear on, water ready..... and then in lashed it down, kept the faith and then weather changed, Yipee, sad isn’t it that I’m now look forward to my high speed shuffling.

Daughter came with me and of course that made me determined to not stop , even when she stopped ( youth of today !) I kept on, maybe I should rename the jelly belly forest gump?

I enjoyed the session and felt good afterwards, well hey I was off to see Marti Pellow what’s not to feel good?

Had a great concert and then drove home (1.5 hours), so all was just a bit fabulous until 06;45 this morning!!

These calf cramps are worse than contractions!!, the poor jibber jabber hubby had the fright of his life with me lashing around the bed screening “Arh, rub it, now,Arh, harder, Arh, it’s killing, Arg, rub my calf NOW!!

I’m sure you can imagine, his response was, don’t shout you’ll wake the kids !!!!!!

Does anyone else suffer will cramp and any suggestions on how to reduce is, since doing the longer runs it’s happened a few time but not as bad as this morning.

I do loads of stretches after my sessions so don’t think it’s a lack of cool down stretches.

Happy Friday everyone

Clare x

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Happy Friday Clarebear76!

My goodness W8 what an achievement. Your determined and that’s what matters most. Good run, bad run.... we are using the term run!

Sorry, but I don’t have any advice regarding the cramps, but that’s probably because I’m on W3 next, but I’ll take note from fellow runners when they answer. I just wanted you to know that I think that’s pretty amazing!

Well done to you!! ❤️

Thanks, I don’t think I can remember ever running for 28 minuets solid in my life before , I certainly didn’t think when starting this just a few ago I would be at this stage. X x

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