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Week 8 done - just!

It took me a while to get through week 8. I thought it would be ok after accomplishing 25 mins all the previous week. 28 surely wouldn’t make much of a difference. What I hadn’t factored in was life getting in the way! Apparently running after your team wins the cup, and you’ve been leaping in the air all day makes your calves ache. So that run was really slow and heavy. Then trying a new route for run 3 was such a disaster I had to to limp home after slipping in a stile and over stretching one leg, and bruising the other. Gave myself 3 days off for that one and now re run on my old toute., slower than ever, but did it!

Only one week to graduation. Unbelievable that this short stout middle aged girl is running, and enjoying doing it !

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Amazing - you must feel so fantastic! And your team won so double happy vibes!! Don’t beat yourself up about life getting in the way - it does that 😂- a week to graduation 👩‍🎓 exciting!! 😊


Well done for persevering and also for taking a couple of extra rest days after your fall. (I recently had a nasty tumble on a new route and ended up in A&E with a fractured bone at the base of my thumb and covered in nettle rash - see my post from last week but after a few days off, I went back out and conquered the run. So pleased I did)

The graduation podium is being polished and decorated ready for you next week. 😀


I’ve just read your post - hope you are healing nicely now. It sounded awful!

I only run with my dog and am hopeful that if I ever have a terrible accident he will be able to get help like they do on all the films 🤣.

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I'm doing pretty well - and having my wrist and hand in a splint isn't putting me off running - I managed a very respectable 15km in 1hour 30 mins this morning, so I think I'm doing ok. :-)


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