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Restless legs driving me batty


Since hitting wk6 I've been experiencing rest legs/mild cramps mainly when in bed or sat at work... not been able to sleep past couple times, getting up and stretching in the an electric current running up and down my legs.

I'm stretching 30 mins after a run (as advise on here) and usually have a soak in the bath on day of the run...

Is there anymore I can be doing?

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Hi Claire, you could include heel drops and toe lifts into your post run stretches.

Stand on the bottom stair facing up with your heels half on half off the stair. Holding onto the wall or bannister go up onto your toes..hold...then back to level. Then gently drop your heels just enough to feel the stretch...hold...and back to level. Repeat a few times. You can do this one leg at a time too.

You could invest in a massage therapy stick, to roll your calves ( read the manual and roll away from your knees) this can help with knotted muscles....

But do keep up your fluids and do your stretches after your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm. Always do a decent warm up walk.

In the evening draw circles with your feet at the ankles.

Keep going you are doing brilliantly 😊x


Are you hydrated enough? Cramp can be a sign that you aren’t.

Tonic water with quinine. Leave out the gin(sorry).

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