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Hip discomfort

Completed W2R1 this evening, I normally do mornings but the weather is looking pretty awful for tomorrow morning so I brought the run forward.

I’m finding after today’s run and W1R3 that I’m getting slight pain in my left hip. Is this normal because I’ve not exercised in so long? Is there anything someone might recommend to help? It is noticeably worse tonight than it was after W1R3, but it’s not agony or anything.

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What running Shoes are you wearing? A good pair of running Shoes properly fitted using gait analysis might help. Go to an independent running shop to do this.

Have you ever suffered with Hip pain before?


They are some karrimor running shoes. Don’t ask me what model I wouldn’t have a clue!

I bought them last year (and never used them lol) from sports direct who helped me get the right fit, however I understand that maybe an independent would have more expertise.

Can’t remember ever having any hip issues in the past.


The Shoes might be the Problem. Karrimor are ok perhaps as cheap trail shoes but won’t provide any support for running. A gait analysis will analyze how your feet fall when you run. Some people land with over pronation and others land with under pronation. A good independent running shop will analyze this and recommend shoes which will offer proper support.

I was over pronating (feet rolling in from the outside of the foot to the inside of the foot) and this caused pins and needles in my feet when I ran. I was wearing good shoes for running but after the gait analysis and new shoes selected by the independent shop I never suffered this issue again.

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Thanks, sounds like I should give that a try then.


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