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Carry on Running


One of the downsides to being in the California office for a week is that I have to get up at stupid o'clock to deal with all of my European accounts before I actually head to the office.

But the upside of this is that when all the emails are done I get to go out and run early in the day.

For me it is great running first thing. The sounds and sights and smells are all different as nature starts to wake up. The roads are less crowded. The air is fresher. You have time to notice things you would otherwise either miss or just not see as they are not there later in the day.

I headed over to the purpose built running track close to the hotel and off I went. I did 33 minutes on Sunday for W8R3 so as it was W9R1 I thought I would go for 35 mins. I got to the 'end point' and thought there was no point in walking back to the main road so I may as well carry on running.

43 minutes and 5.16km!! A personal best on this 2nd time around C25K.

So not quite Carry on Running as in the movie but I did let out a bit of a Sid James laugh when I finished.

Enjoy the journey.


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Great stuff, GB. Glad you are back out there, running, and posting! I often wonder about the grads who drift off.

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