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3mins straight running in the bag

Got up early today to start Wk3 R1. Firstly, who am I because sleep is one of my most sacred things! But down at local park by 8:20 and ready to go. I live in Norfolk which is usually considered flat.....I swear one side of the park has an incline....but I did it. Final 3min run was on a slight downhill, def makes it easier and have Michael congratulate me at end added into my delight at having run for 3mins without stopping. And now I can enjoy rest of day knowing I have done my exercise!

Happy bank holiday everyone!

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well done X

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Well done on your W3 I did my C25K in Essex and the village where I live has a few hills and footpaths but I did most of mine just running round in a circle finding all the low bits so you can make it as hard or as difficult as you want.


Well done! 😀👏👏

I also did wk3 r1 today and the heat was battering me to be honest 😩☀️ But I got through it.

I'm a big lady and never thought I'd be able to run for 3 minutes!


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