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Pain in the bottom

Hello All

I run most days for about 30 mins, not quickly around 5 mph. I have been doing this for 6 months but I have been running in 3-5 min spurts for a long time before that. I just could not sustain more than this at the time until the end of Dec 2017 when I found I could run for 30 mins.

However, and here is the rub, lately I have started to feel a twinge on my right bottom cheek. I know hilarious. Most of the time I don't notice it but getting out of bed today I felt a sharp pain and about 30 mins later just relaxing on the sofa I sneezed and once again I felt the same sharp pain.

Further disclosure I do suffer with under pronation so unsure if this is having an impact.

I wondered if anyone else had come across this unusual pain, and if so what remedy did you use?

Thank you for any advice you can offer

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Its the glutes complaining. More stretching, or massage helps. Make sure you're hydrating well, muscles need water.

Google stretches for glutes. It will improve but you need to work those muscles. I do squats after every run. The first one hurts a lot but I really do believe they help stretch out the glutes after being in the run regime like that.


And I completely missed the "running every day" bit! As below, give your body time to adjust 👍😉


I missed when I said every day I meant every week day


I usually jog to or from work only at 5 mph but thank you I will look into this


What happens if you don't run every day? It is recommended that you do not run consecutive days until you have been running regularly for a minimum of six months but preferably much longer. It is covered in a link from this post C25K guide healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next

It could just be that you are doing rather more than your body is adapted for. When you run you develop certain muscle sets and these can develop out of balance with supporting musculature, which is why other strength exercises are recommended to be done alongside running. This commonly shows up with back issues but can often be sorted with core strength exercises.


I have not run for the last 3 days. When I say every day. I should say every week day. I tend to rest at the weekend but I take your point. I am not 100% sure where the pain is but feels buttocks or just under. I rubbed ibuprofen gel on it but not sure it works in that area. It is great on my Achilles but does not feel so great for this. I am taking it easy for the next few days. I will have to look up core strength as well then as I am not a gym bunny. Thank you


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