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made it!

Up early and out at 6 am only the bin men and litter pickers on the streets tidying up after day trippers for the next influx. No head wind but legs feeling heavy after kneeling doing gardening yesterday and feels a struggle to get going. Not a fast run but I made it past the public loos and onwards to the Sea Life Centre today, the prom and running next to the sea was fab , what a lovely place to run on a sunny morning. so its onwards to week 9 , can hardly believe I'm doing this. Graduation in sight but it will only be a stepping stone to more running.

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Well done you on completing week 8! It must be lovely by the sea. I have also been running early in the morning and enjoying the scenery. All the very best for week 9, that is also the week that I hope to start on Monday. I do hope that your runs go really well and perhaps we can share the podium together. Please forgive me, from never having been part of a forum, I seemed to be really enjoying this virtual world!


thanks ,the forum is really great for motivating yourself and yes being by the sea can be lovely although the North Sea can be a tad rough and it gets very windy here still its a great place to live and run. Yes you are welcome to join me on the podium shall hopefuly run monday, wed and finish friday if can stick to the plan but am house/dog sitting this week as well as supervising workmen installing rads and bathroom so watch this space!!!


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