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Just under half way W4R3 update

So I posted a few weeks back after W1R3 and received some advice for a few people.

Just thought I’d post an update to keep a record really.

So I started out with a battered pair of trainers, no clue of how far I could run, a few too many extra pounds and a goal. (Run a continuous local park run, regardless of time by the end of June)

After 3 runs, I posted on here trying to analyse the times I posted from Strava and by my calculations, I was never going to make it. I was knackered at the end of week 1.

4 weeks in and it’s totally different. New pair of Brooks, reading comments on here a fair bit, feeling positive about the park run, regardless of how long it takes. I feel this programme is really good for my situation and although I track every run with strava and analyse the data, I’m not really that fussed about the numbers behind them.

Another plus is that I keep thinking, it’s much better for me to out running 3 times a week than sitting at home.

Hope to stay on here for advice and reading everyone’s journeys.

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You are so right, just concentrate on the programme and see what comes naturally. Your pace does improve without trying. I graduated this week and hope to do my first parkrun tomorrow which will include my 5 min walk to start, and 30 mins run, then walk. If I have any energy I will try a sprint finish. Enjoy W5. You can do it👍

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