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W1 run 3 and shin is in agony

Help... I have a confession this is my second attempt, the first time I gave up in the second week as my left shin was in agony.

I gave it a few months off and tried again this time on grass but after run3 it’s the same again. The strange thing is it’s only my left shin and only hurts during the walks and not the runs.

I’m keeping it slow and having the rest days, Any advice would be great as I really want this continue.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I had similar problem last week. Started off as just a niggle and found myself limping by mid day. Only on right shin (I'm left handed, if that's got anything to do with it).

I went to the gym and asked a group of PTs and they told me to do bike and cross trainer until I felt better and to get proper running shoes, and get gaite analysis.

Went to a running shoe specialist, had my gaite measured and brought new trainers.

The lady who served me was very knowledgeable and also a marathon runner. Her advice was to do a shorter run when I feel better and try to run on grass if poss.

All seems ok now. Have ran once since the injury.

Hope this helps and you're not held back by it

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Shin pain (and shin splints if it gets really really painful) are often one or a combo of three things: wrong shoes for your gait; trying to go too fast; overstriding (so your foot lands in front of your hips - it should land in line with your hips). Only occasion I've had sore shins was because of over striding. Take smaller steps and imagine you're pedalling a bike so you pull your foot back towards you a little before you land on it.

Hopefully it's a minor niggle and you'll be running happy soon enough!!

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A few months off and the same again? Your shoes ok? Insoles fine? Did gait analysis?

All of the above ticked 'yes'! Go and see a physio, either through your GP or pay for it.


Great advice thank you as non you mentioned were ticked, I was hoping to get through the first few weeks to get into the habit before splurging our on expensive trainers but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet


Let's just say that l didn't tick any of those boxes and ended up paying for a physio as well as an osteopath way more than what top shoes would have cost. It took them a while to patch up my knee and ankle.

The joke was on me in the end. Brands and money have got nothing to do with what fits to your foot and what doesn't. Gait analysis guys tested and found the shoes which were way down the pricing order, and l haven't had any niggles for over a year. ;)


Has the same on W2R1 on Sunday. Bought proper shoes on Monday (gait analysis and all that). Did W2R2 on Tuesday, pain free and much more enjoyable.

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