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week 1

done second training this morning is everyone leaving a day in between or more my legs ache the next day and still this morning (first run Monday ) , but want to keep going any one with tips on legs ? no not aching so much i am on my feet at work as well 2pm till 10 pm every evening (hospital worker ) hoping this is going to get better at some point

i normally go to the gym 3 times a week before i started doing this training and though i was not that unfit ( how wrong was i LOL ) but never done any running so all new to me at the moment trying to lose a stone in weight :(

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I usually run 3 times a week so get 2 rest days before moving on to the next week.

Like you I was already exercising before I started this plan but had never run. At the beginning it made my legs very achy - I presume I was using muscles I hadn't used in my other exercise. I'm on week 7 now and they don't ache now so I think it must go as you build strength x


thank you for that light at the end of the tunnel then well done for getting to week 7 i am dreading week 2 lol x


Don't dread it! The plan is really well structured. Just remember if you struggle as the runs get longer just slow down x


Hi Rosie, welcome to the plan, you'll never look back!!! :D

You're going to the gym? That's really impressive... I think that makes you a "keeno" as my daughter would say :P

Regarding rest days, yes, very important particularly at the early stages of the programme. Your body needs to get used to this new torture you're subjecting it to(!) and you need the rest days for it to recover, otherwise you risk injury and general demotivation if the next run is too hard!!

All the best :)



Hi and welcome. Rest days are important as they help your running muscles rebuild and strengthen. That said any exercise other than running or heavy leg exercise is good on your rest days.

If you've not seen it before the link below gives some very useful info.

Happy running. Looking forward to reading about your progress 🍀

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I was so achy after my first couple of runs that I couldn’t even drive properly! But it has got a lot better - I have left gaps between runs to let my muscles recover and I recommend epsom salt baths (especially with lavender) as it’s lovely and soothing.

Keep going though - it does improve. I’m on w2r3 and it’s already better!


I forgot to add, I’m with you on the being in your feet thing too - I run the school field at 6.30am, have a shower at work and then go into 7am-6/7pm work on my feet! Epsom salt baths!!!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

The impact of running causes micro tears in your muscles which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running........hence the recommendation for new runners to have rest days.

Do read the guide to the plan for basic advice and tips.


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