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Couch to 5K
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Vlogging my way to 5K - Week 6

This is the build up to the epic 25 minute run at the end of Week 6.

This week I try to run on some sand and listen to a PodCast while running. Will I make it to 5K in 9 weeks? Goodness knows, but hopefully these vlogs are of some interest to others on Health Unlocked who are going through something very similar at the moment.

Thanks for watching and remember: You Can Do It! :)

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Well done SaxPlayer, you nailed Week 6!😊

Enjoyed your vids...and well done for having enough in the tank to finish your 25 mins in style😎

You have got this now..steady running all the way to the podium. Relax into your runs. Have you heard of the toxic ten? Here is a link about it...


Happy running 😊x

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Thanks Bluebirdrunner.

The explanation about the toxic ten is very interesting and makes a good deal of sense. It's great to learn about what's going on and why things are as they are when running - especially as a novice!

I'll be venturing out shortly for W7R1. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for your kind words.

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