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Week 1 done , will start W2 now

I am thrilled I completed W1 . What more by 3rd run I was able to cut duration per km as well and was able to hold on my stamina . I did not went too fast , slow only but speed automatically increased .

Now looking forward to week 2 .

One issue after completing my run and coming at home I was feeling dizziness which was scary. I do my runs in morning and empty stomach so may be low on energy . Is it ok to eat few banana .

Pls suggest

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Lots of advice on this.. have you checked out the info on it in the FAQ post..

We are all different.. I have a cup of tea and two light biscuits about an hour before my run..:)

Some folks... just one, banana :)

Keep it slow and keep it steady :)


Well done on completing the first week!

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