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7th Heaven

7th Heaven

Thank goodness wk6 is done. After the euphoria of wk5r3 I found wk6 a hard slog - but thankfully it’s done and out of the way. After a nice weekend away wk7 awaits. I was hoping to take my running clobber away with me, but pesky airline hand luggage restrictions put paid to that idea. Shame because there was a lovely flat 2.5km promenade just waiting to be run. So it’s wk7r1 on the hills of home. Bad news- my legs ache from hiking at the weekend, and my stomach & head aren’t in the best of places after a quick Indian & a pint when we got home last night....I know I know!! Good news - the sun is shining for my run, the first time that it’s not been raining since wk4!!! I follow the hallowed advice of Brendon Foster (start slowly & get slower) and the first 5 minutes is hell - no way I’m going to make 25 minutes. But then I get my breathing sorted, and I’m in a rhythm. Half way and the worst of the hills ✅ I’m through the next village & I know there is an up on the way but I’m feeling okish.... 5 to go....past the farm & onto the bridleway proper now - fairly dry after the weekends 🌞 One minute left Jo tells me - perhaps I’d like to sprint? Perhaps not Jo - no offence or anything but I’m doing my best here just to get to the end. And .......I’m done! YEAY -I’m pleased 😁 I really didn’t think it was going to happen today when I started out. I’ve had a three day gap for the first time since I started C25k this time around and thought my body would enjoy the break- unfortunately I filled the break with a long distance hike & more than a little beer...well it was the bank holiday & the sun was shining......I walked back across the fields home, pleased with my efforts - I can enjoy it now it’s done!! Happy running 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️ all. Good luck with this weeks challenges - you CAN do this!!

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Looks like a lovely path! Well done completing week 6. I am also on week 7, at least it is easy to remember! 25 minutes, repeat, repeat. All the best for your next runs.


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