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W4R2 - new shoes?

Just come in from W4R2, feeling good. I know that next week brings an increase in run times, and I am now starting to think about running shoes. Currently using my Sketchers, but as the time spent running increases might I need more support that running shoes might give? No discomfort at the moment with the Sketchers, just planning ahead. Thanks for all the support and help.

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I agree with your thinking about shoes.......get the best you can afford, they are your most important investment in your health.

In the guide to the plan there is a link to information about buying running shoes.

Well done on your progress.


Something more supportive may well help for the long runs in Weeks 5, 6 and then onwards.

Someone will be along soon to recommend gait analysis. That is clearly the best way to go.

But I just went to Decathlon and bought a fairly low priced running shoe - they grade them by minutes of running per week, are well made and cheap. I’ve worn these since the start and have found them fine. I may be lucky and have “neutral” feet or something.

If you get new shoes, wear them as much as you can around the house before you run in them - get your feet used to where they grip/rub and break them in a little.



I’m unsure about a gait analysis but if it’s got to be done, so be it. I think I’ll have a look a new shoes pretty soon. I’m used to wearing new shoes in at home, learnt that trick whilst playing toooo much golf! I don’t play golf any more as a knee injury means It hurts to swing a club, but I can still walk and run a bit. So I think it’s going to be a shoe shop weekend.


I’d they are ok I would stick with them Maybe graduate and then treat yourself


The Sketchers are comfy and great, but I just want to make sure, and surely just one more pair of new shoes won’t harm😌


I’m in the same boat as you ! I’ve got sketchers too and I’m thinking of new shoes. The thing I like about sketchers is they are really light....


Lovely hubby has agreed to go shoe shopping with me tomorrow, at which point I can try and work out the route of a run I plan to do next month, which is 5k.


If you are bargain shopping then the Karrimor Tempo is a good neutral shoe

Always try on your running shoes ! ☝️

If you have a bit more to spend you should get thee to a dedicated running shop - NOT a general sports shop - and have your gait measured. A proper running shop will match you with your perfect shoe if not, you are free to swap them. You need an appointment at some shops as it can take a while

They will narrow down the shoe once they know your feet 😃🏃‍♀️


I’m off to a running shop this afternoon. The sooner I go, the sooner I can check it out. Once again, thanks for advice and support. I’m hoping to do a 5k run for charity once I’ve done W9.


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