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Week 8 - wow!

can't believe i've made it to week 8 :-) & still happy to get up before 6am and get out there!

w8:r1 completed in style, and after monday's blip i have my mojo back!

This mornings run was amazing - i took my route through bluebell woods...nothing like some good scenery to keep you motivated - however i didn't enjoy dodging the tree routes so may not make that a regular route lol

No blips for me - it was hard work at one stage, but i realised after completing that i had made a big pace increase in 2 of my splits, unintended but i know i have it in me to improve.

Calf is still causing me troubles after a run...may need to get that checked out :-(

Happy running everyone!

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Great stuff...now just slow down a tad and get that calf sorted... small micro tears can become problematic...take it from me! (12 weeks on the IC at one point)..


I saw my Sports Physio and had acupuncture and deep sports massage.. but it was a while before I was back on target, and I though I did everything by the book...

After that, I got a massage stick.. he taught me how to use it, and it has been a real boon :)

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thanks oldfloss - really enjoyed reading that post. Can't imagine what it was like to be out for 12 weeks :-(

I will try and slow down...the odd thing is when i feel like i am going slow and struggling my pace is fast...need to work that one out lol

I don't want a calf injury that is for sure - yesterday as the day progressed it felt worse and so i went and bought supplies and now after wearing a tubigrip type thing and massaging deep freeze gel in my leg has miraculously not a twinge today! It only happens after a run so something is awry there

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I'm also having troubles with just one calf. Had lots of aches and pains along the way but they tend to move from one area to another as I've progressed through the program but this one's staying. Last night's run (w8r1) was hurting when I started but then I got used to it and it didn't bother me but when it came to the end and I started my walk I couldn't walk properly and when I tried to do cool down stretches it was killing me. I've put a heat pad on it and it's a bit better. Bit fed up as so nearly at week 9 and don't want it to mess things up!

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