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Week 5 run 3


Week 5 run 3 complete! So relieved to have reached this milestone. Was so worried leading up to it that I'd fail and it would knock me but I read all the posts and took on the advice (and kept reminding myself that it was a mental challenge as much as a physical) and I did it. I know it sounds daft but it wasn't more difficult it was just longer so like everyone says just break it up into chunks and keep going. I did plan my route - went to a nice big open FLAT park. :)

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Well done! You are absolutely right, it is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Keep going!


That is brilliant, Im a week behind you about to start week 5, I am always wondering is this the week that will defeat me. But you've done it and done it well


FLAT... love it... well done you :)

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