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At least it's done

W2R1 on the hottest day so far. It wasn't easy but I did it. My biggest stress was the fact that the app wouldn't work. I got through the the first run and walk and then the voice said "well done, you need to do this again" and closed down. Think it's logged the run but had to use my phone timer instead. A bit annoying really as I find it hard to keep going if I'm checking the time left. But it's done!

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Have you had a look at the podcast? It's not so flaky.


Haven't but couple of people suggesting that. Thanks



I had exactly the same thing on Tuesday for W2R1.

Today I took 2 backup plans:

- podcast

- Fitbit stopwatch

Well done on the setup up.


I meant step up to week 2.


Thanks for the tip. Will have a plan B for next run.


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