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I’m nearly there now! I’ve signed up to run the race for life 5k next month and I was wondering if anyone had tips on what to do next to hit that distance marker? I’m making it around 4K in the 30 minutes so should I just increase my time slowly or should I work on my pace?

Thanks in advance and here is a wee picture of the half way point on my favourite path.

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Hi, if I were you I would just do a few more 30 minute runs to consolidate and then you can add on a little time gradually, but do tae care not to much yourself to much to soon. At Race for Life it won't matter if you walk part of the course as there will be lots of people walking as well as running, and doing a combination. You can always start off with your 5 minute walk as part of the race.

Good luck.


That’s a good idea to include the 5 mins warm up walk as part of the course - 🤔 I like your thinking!

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I graduated from C25K running just under 4k in the 30 minutes. I just ran 30mins 3x a week for about a month as consolidation and then be day just look going until I hit 5k - which took about 38 minutes at that point.(6 months on I still haven't run it in 30 minutes but can happily run much further now).

I think the best consolidation is yo find a way to enjoy your running and fit it easily into your life so that it becomes a good habit. Just getting out there regularly is the key to improving I think.

I found the C25k + podcasts a help both in varying my runs and in improving my pace - though not everyone likes them.

You'll be running 5k in no time - but remember to enjoy the journey.

Your regular path looks lovely!

Happy running 😊

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Loads of consolidation with 30 minute runs in there.

Shorter distances, a longer,'just see where I get t o run' and then maybe try the C25K+podcasts after that... they are incredibly challenging but really fun and really helpful:)

But fof now, cruise to the podium and get that last run done... well done and rest assured we will be here to give you advice on the next part of your plan:)


Race foe Life is a real fun event.. and you can run walk hop or skip your way round:) Great photo too:)


I’d just keep running a little bit further each run. As you continue to run you gradually get stronger. As you get stronger you’ll speed up

It’s good fun, and with your beautiful scenery, it’ll be a joy

Good luck 😃👍🏃‍♀️


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