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First Run in a While

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Well, I was determined to go out today & nothing stopped me today. The weather was ideal, dry with just a slight chill. I donned my kit, put Week 6 Run 1 on my phone and stepped through the door. Hello Michael Johnson, it has been a while since you & I ran together. I started on my 5 minute warm up walk, resisting the temptation to jog (my usual warm up) and just listened to cues and looked at the scenery.

On I went soon it was time to run, just a gentle pace. The cows looked at me as I ran past, then before I knew it, I was half way through. Whoo, go me 😁

Michael’s dulcet tone cut across my thoughts, time to walk. Phew, I needed the catch up time then it was time to run, 8 minutes this time - much easier this time, I was into a steady pace and breathing steady too. Whoa, 8 minutes up & time to walk & almost finished just a 5 minute cool down walk.

Hurrah finished it and feeling great. Rest day tomorrow & then out on Sunday for another run 😁😁

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Mr Smooth the perfect date😍


Well done my friend:)

Dhiny in reply to Oldfloss

Cheers Floss - it felt great to be back out xx

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