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Junk food night run night


Tonight so different to last when I was chuffed to complete run 2 wk 1 . Tonight I’ve helped my daughter eat a large easter egg , then I ate some of my white choc rabbit , a gin & tonic & now a cup of tea . No exercise . Was in meetings all day at work . Seems like a run night then a junk food night . Arghh I felt good last night . So weird it makes me feel like giving up already # lightweight !

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I think the key is balance. We have to fit running into our day to day lives then use the feel good factor generated to get us through the boring stuff :o)

Don’t give up, we all get the cravings from time to time. It’s how you deal with it....So keep on running, and honestly after a while the cravings lessen, as you realise you enjoy the running more. Or rather it did for me - I found running with a ‘food hangover’ a real problem, I started lightening the food load and guess what the running became easier.

Best of luck for your next run - run that chocolate rabbit off

If it helps you're not the only one. I have eaten complete rubbish today knowing I will regret it. Noting to be done but try and do better tomorrow.

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