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Weekly chat April 9th - 15th


Hiya and welcome to a new week.

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

Juju, Realfoodieclub, Oldfloss, Millsie-J and Bluebirdrunner


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Training is going well for me at the moment, I am so pleased as I have been struggling for a while but I now feel like I have turned a corner, the increase of thyroid meds seem to of made a difference. Have happy healthy week everyone.

Rfc x.


Did 6k this morning for my 7th post graduation run. Might try some intervals later in the week and then a much slower (possibly longer) run at the weekend. Still trying to figure out what I want to do longer term.


Good morning all, well, after the high of doing a walk/run 5k at a parkrun on 31/03 and having done a few post grad week 9 runs this past week has felt like I was running backwards. Tuesday I only managed 20 mins,run,Thursday 10 mins run + short walk then only 5 mins run so I felt very disheartened. So as it was belting down with rain and I didn’t feel positive about my ability to run 5k I decided not to go to the park run again on Saturday. But Yesterday, after a “don’t be ridiculous you can do it” conversation with my hubby I went out for a run with Micheal Jackson telling me the same and I had the best, most brilliant run ever. So my mojos back, the gremlins are kicked into the long grass and my kits washed and ready for my next run tomorrow. Sometimes we need the bad days to really appreciate the good days.


I’m going to do W4R1 today in the pouring rain! Hey ho it’s only rain and I’m not made of sugar 😃😃happy running everyone!


Last week was a horrible week emotionally and for my mental health, and I barely managed a run. This week I’m off work (planned!), so am going to be kind to myself. I was due to run today, but with two long dog walks in the last two days, a slight knee niggle, and the sheer amount of water everywhere, I’m going to plan b: run tomorrow and Friday. I’ll still get my three week 9 runs done within a week but without causing stress and anxiety that I really don’t need...

I did w3r1 over the weekend and felt great. It had been a while with some heavy snow last week, I did manage to get in a 3.5km trail walk through the snow and was feeling it afterward so that definitely helped keep me tuned up.


Graduated last week (yay!) so thought I'd try something new today - the Stepping Stones podcast. And it was horrible! The pace was absurd and I could only keep to it by taking smaller steps, as a result of which I ran less distance than last week and am completely worn out.

Not sure what to do now :(

Kizzy52Graduate in reply to JohnLagrue

Congratulations on graduating! I graduated about 6 weeks ago and struggled for the next few runs, trying going it alone, then stepping stones, neither of which worked for me. So I went back to using the couch 2 5k app, listening to someone different each time for the week 9 runs, for a couple of weeks and got my mojo back and consolidated my running a bit. I have now moved on to using Map my Fitness app and a nice, quite robotic lady tells me when I have completed each km and what pace/time I am doing. My speed is going up slowly. I have also signed up for the Running Down Dementia 100k challenge to motivate me to keep,at it for the coming weeks. Good luck 🙂

I've just run W8R2 and even if it's a tad slower than the previous one, I'm still pleased with myself : I did a 6K brisk walk with my walking partner this morning + a 4K bike ride, then worked intensively in the garden for 3 hours solid before going out to run, so I didn't expect to break any records today. But I'm feeling more and more confident about Week 9 - I stopped running because Laura said time was up, but I could have gone on.

I'm amazed how well this programme helps us!


Started week 2 this yesterday and really enjoyed the first run. My daughter and grandsons did the run with me. Grandsons comments nanny you are slow , yes I am but am 50 years older and carrying extra weight 😂


I did my first post C25K run today and had my best run ever. I was a little nervous heading off without Laura in my ear, nudging me along. But I did it, and better than expected! Looking forward to my next run on Thursday despite our bad weather - high winds and rain. The wind can be nice when it's at your back pushing you along, but at some point I have to turn around and go back...


Finally the mornings are getting lighter and I’ve been able to restart my running. 7 runs in and I’m back up to 20mins already, just completed w5r3. It’s amazing how quickly you can regain your fitness 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ absolutely loving being back in the trainers 👟


Just arrived at a truly beautiful hotel with large grounds ( it’s a treat from our children for a Significant Birthday) all I can think about is my planned run for tomorrow + the Fact that I forgot my headphones so will have to do this run with M J and my tunes!!


Ugh, it’s been a lethargic week really - first week we’ve had time off as a family since Christmas - and with GCSEs looming for DD1, it’s not been entirely restful! So I’ve only been running once this week, but today I got New Shoes! I’ll have to take them out tomorrow or Tuesday, and will post a pic then. But they’re lovely Mizunos. :D I tried three other pairs which all felt good, nothing really to choose between them, and a pair of these which were just too large and felt loose in too many places. Then I got them down a half size, and suddenly knew I didn’t really have a decision to make, they were just so comfortable. Hopefully they’ll be the ideal gremlin-crushers and get me through my third week 9 run and beyond in style! ;)

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