Weekly chat 15th to the 22nd January πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going, sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If your a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week.

Ju Ju



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  • I'm really gutted as my running streak is over due to food poisoning.... made me realise how good it feels to be so healthy 😎

  • Oh no! hope you're on the mend soon

  • OMG! What? what was it you ate?

    I hope you'll soon be feeling better shug 😊 Get some Bovril!

  • Oh goodness ju-ju, poor you. Best to rest and starve your tummy, maybe some dry toast? ☹️ Get well soon! 🌹

  • No running for Wobble as my teeth are still too dodgy. Still eating soft stuff

  • Nice 10k for me today, first run since last Sunday. It was great to be out again .

    Hope you feel better soon Ju and I hope your teeth stop rattling soon Miss W ! :-) xxx

  • Evening all :) I went out to do wk7r1 this evening, first time out since this time in Dec due to a virus and Christmas getting in the way. I took it really slowly and was pleased to keep going for the whole run :D

    Hope you're feeling better now, ju-ju.

  • Does anyone else have those evenings where they think 'I'd rather be running' - but know that going out would be unwise as you've already done a run today??? Miss R has anxiety issues, Mr R has come down with what appears to be an allergic reaction to lunch, Miss R2 is about to become a teenager. Running is my therapy! ;)

  • Well I am still on the IC, hobbling on my crutches, starting week 5 of 6 NWB. Baked hubby a coffee sponge cake for his birthday as I can't go out running. Can't wait to get out there again. But shocked to see my left leg, it's looking really pathetic size wise compared to my right. Muscles are obviously wasting away. Need to do something to get my muscle tone back. Thank goodness I have my first physio appointment on Wednesday. Happy running everyone and get well soon to all on the IC or poorly at the moment. X

  • I have the stomach bug at the moment and cannot get rid of the nausea so my plan to start wk2 is put on hold but not for too long I hope.

  • First Post-Graduation run tonight - and dared to run without Laura!! Loaded up Queen onto my phone, set my new watch for 30 mins and set off to walk to the top of the hill which I know takes about 5 minutes (didn't feel brave enough to run up a hill yet!). Run was ok - felt really good until about 23 minutes (only checked my watch twice up to that point) - then it started to get tough, possibly because I had just run past the end of my road and the gremlins said I could stop there and just go home! But I didn't, I kept going until my watch said I had run for 30 mins! Yay :)

  • Well done! I have four post graduation runs done so far - can't say it's getting easier but I have reached the magic 5 k mark!

    So far I've run 4.94 k (a distance miscalculation!), 5.18 k, 3.06 k and 5.16 k last night. I'm still very slow but I know I can get fitter and a little bit faster.

  • I've been out a couple of times last week, did the Speed podcast from plus last Monday as I didn't have too much time, then did Stepping Stone in my new Trail Runners along the canal on Thursday - but for whatever reason it was a real struggle to maintain it and I had to walk a bit towards the end. Should have run Sunday, but a combination of parental duties (fulfuilling a promise to read to elder child) and the persistent rain meant I delayed until yesterday - just put Week 9 on again, and felt better for having something less regimented, even if I did run at a faster pace! The week is shaping up a little tricky, can't run tomorrow so am going to try and shoehorn one in for Thursday although that could be tricky too....

  • Went out for a frosty run this morning - aiming to increase distance to 4k. Misjudged one or two routes through the park which were rather icier than I thought they would be, so had to stop and walk on occasion - also when I turned one corner and couldn't see anything due to the sun!! Even with bits of walking, still managed the 4k in 32 minutes :)

    Hopeful for managing a Parkrun 5k soon as a walk/run combo!!

  • Day 2 of Mini Rainbow's 'get mum fitter and more flexible' campaign! We've just done some stretches, some exercises from my running mag, and the knee exercises from the NHS website together. I reckon she's going to keep me on the straight and narrow whether I want her to or not! :D

  • Well, I did get Thursday in although only just - I did the Speed podcast because of the shorter duration! And I'm just back from my first go at the Stamina podcast.... cor, that was a tough one. I had to break into a walk for a couple of minutes just after half way.... Picked things back up though after getting my breath back, kept the strides fairly short, and somehow got through it, stopping the tracker as it turned out a mere 50m short of 5K, meaning that even with the walk bit I was just a smidge off 35 mins! Looking forward to a Parkrun in a couple of weeks now, expecting to do some serious damage to my current 39:47 PB - it's an undulating course so I won't get 35 there, but I'm hopeful of maybe 37:30!

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