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W6R3 - All done but wondering about tingly fingers during the last 5 minutes


First 25 minute run done, yay! It was tough but I did it... the rest of the C25K program looks so much more achievable now :-)

One thing I did notice this run, though, was in the last five minutes when I was starting to get really tired my fingers got a little tingly, like the onset of pins and needles. I'm suspecting a lack of oxygen is the cause but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and/or if you have any tips on whether to ignore, or how to avoid it? Don't want to ignore a warning sign that I should be doing something a little differently.... perhaps slow down a bit?

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Well done on the run......this is totally achievable.

Tingling, like pins and needles, is normally a sign of restricted blood flow. It is not a symptom that I have ever heard off before from runners, but if you did a search on somewhere like runners world.com you may find others reporting it.

Maybe it is a one off. Did you have your hands clenched? They should be loose and relaxed.

DBardGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

It’s definitely the only time I’ve ever experienced it while running but it did stop quickly as I went into my 5 min walk. Maybe flexing my fingers and repositioning my arms will also help. I’ll see if it happens again on my next run

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to DBard

Can be a sign of potassium depletion also - try munching on a tums or whatever the equivalent is over there - do they have Andrews Liver Salts tablets these days? :)

DBardGraduate in reply to Irish-John

Hmmm, perhaps I should eat that banana Jo Whiley in the app keeps telling me to eat

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to DBard

That will work too :) I should have thought of that actually, much more sensible and nutritious :)


I get it occasionally - ignored it which perhaps I shouldn’t. A quick google suggests it’s your body diverting more blood to your legs. Pretty sure I don’t get it on gentler runs so might be worth slowing down to see if it makes a difference.


Just did some googling.... looks like it can occur if you clench your fists or having your elbow at a certain angle: self.com/story/why-hands-or...

So I'll look out for that next time and see if a change of arm/hand helps out


I have no medical answers.

Just circulation.🤔🙈

Do not worry make sure you do a good warm up / heart pumping,

No tension/ relax everything , sometimes your arms and unclenched hands can go to sleep , wake them up , shake your arms hanging vertically at your side , flex your fingers , etc.

I am sure your fine, I have a 74 year young body to bring to the party, certainly depending on your age if you have any serious nerve damage etc.

Certainly you are right to be on top of yourself. That is a great thing about running you are continually monitoring yourself🌟👏👏

Keep posting🌟👏👏

Must read your link. Thanks.🌟👏👏


Shake your hands regularly to increase the flow of blood to them.


Have read about this before, doesn't seem to be a major problem, keep fingers loose and moving..


Thanks everyone, I think I’ll have to do jazz hands as I hit each five minute hurdle 😀

I’ve had this twice , once ver the course of the programme and once in a park run- both times it happened when I was wondering why, I released I was so focused on the running and keeping my legs pumping I had “locked” my elbows in at 90 degrees , and my hand was clenched around a water bottle ( I have one of those water bottles that has a hole in the middle that you put your hand through and “hold” the bottle in a fist . I swapped hands with the bottle , dropped the arm and gave it a shake ( all whilst Maintaining a blistering pace obviously 🙄🤣) and it went away after a few paces .👍🏻

Edit...shake the arm not the bottle...😉


I get this and usually my fingers then swell up....upon investigation it seems it was down to dehydration. I simply upped my water intake before I ran and it was fine. Might be worth trying?

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