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Week 5 Run 3


Wow!!! That was a toughie. Just back from Spain where it was much too hot to run so I haven’t run for a week. Did lots of walking but that didn’t feel enough. In spite of Michaels encouragement I could not run for the full 20 today. Am I fed up??? Nope not one bit!! 5 weeks ago I could just manage to run to the toilet so running for a whole 15 mins feels brill. On wards and upwards my fellow Super Snails ❤️

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Absolutely perfect attitude!!!!

Every run is training for the next one, so you will be well prepared for the next attempt.

It is yours in the near future. Just keep your pace nice and slow.

I had two attempts at this run and did the full 20 in the second. It did wonders for my confidence.

Love the picture, Samantha (and your positive attitude) 😊


Well done! :)

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