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Cheating ;-)


Lovely Laura is always there... telling us what to do... I was just wondering if anyone else is naughty like me and while she isn't looking sneak a little extra in! I'm talking about the 5 minute cool down walk, week 5 in and I've realised that during the cool down period she sneaks off somewhere, maybe for a cuppa... leaving me alone with a long trudge home.. so (whisper!) I've been a naughty boy and have been jogging the last minute or two. Don't let on!

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Ooh - you do know Laura is still a member here don’t you..? You may have just outed yourself!

But I’ll keep schtum

lagatachocolateGraduate in reply to Jancanrun



Yes I do my last weekly run in the ParkRun so always end up doing some extra. But I don’t on the other two 😂


Well done.

A little extra may be fine, but the plan is progressive for a reason.

Take care.


As IannodaTruffe says.. a little bit of a jog fine.. but take care:)

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