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Pretty Knees - this is about vanity not injury


At the beginning of this I think I posted about my saddlebags and baggy knees. Well today I noticed my knees have lost weight, look younger, are happier and are feeling quite full of themselves! My saddlebags are catching up too. I'm eating like a horse and have put on some rather nice pounds of muscle. Thank you week 6! X

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That's wonderful news - i hope similar happens to my legs and tum.

Think i can see a bit of difference at top of my thighs but not sure if its just wishful thinking!!

Havnt lost any weight but am only on W3R2. X

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Kmgw

Thank you its such an added bonus after feeling fitter. I bet your thighs are thinner a couple of weeks will tell x


👏👏😁 its true! My "thunder" thighs are far less thunderous for the first time since my teens! 🌟


Its such an amazing by product of this. Its great not bothering with scales and feel firmer and fitter! X


Okay... just what we knee-ded to hear:) Well done you :)


Other people will tell you that you won’t lose wait on C25K unless you do some dieting too. I’m not sure about that but, in any case, you WILL turn fat to muscle, and that will make you look sooooo much better 😄 Well done and keep going.

Michele2017Graduate in reply to RuthL

thankyou for the support am loving it x


I agree! Unexpected upside on top of sleeping better is the reappearance of my waist and side abs - love this programme!!

Michele2017Graduate in reply to SusieHicks

Yes I get no sleep as young babies but my waist is going in!

well done on the not -so -knobbly -knees 😊 I think my stomach is a bit flatter, i feel it looks it but can't say I've noticed any extra room in my waist band😆

my calves are looking chunky though...would like them a bit leaner! Any suggestions anyone?

Nicely done - and don’t thank Week 6 - than yourself for doing it!

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